Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Maternity style ::: 34 weeks

...enough is enough, is enough! 

Some days i'm just so over being preggers.

I would like my energy levels to return to normal.
I would like to be able to lace up my shoes.
I would like to sleep without the need to pee every five minutes.
I would love to know immediately if i've put my knickers on inside out.
And i'd like to feel like me again.

So in a fit of denial I raided my wardrobe determined to find an outfit that made me feel like me. Rather than 'almost eight months pregnant waddling extraordinaire' me. I pulled on my favourite jeans and an old black top and stood in front of the mirror figuring out if it was fine to leave the house with my jeans undone with a top that just about covered my pants but could potentially lead to some embarrassing situations along the way. And then I remembered this article from yonks ago, Make your own belly band! 30 mins later and i'd whipped up this little lifesaver and forgot about being pregnant for the day*. Plus it's totally liberating to not have to do your jeans up all day.

The breakdown
Jeans: M&S
Tops: ASOS
Belly Band tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

*Disclaimer...I can confirm that it is impossible to pretend you're not pregnant at eight months. But wearing your fave pair of jeans if only for a few hours before you switch into your leggings will make you feel like you again.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Maternity style ::: 33 weeks

...and it's a birthday bump this week

Woah there, 32, WTF? How? When? Meh, such is life! Spent a lovely weekend munching with friends who were over from London and sailing on the Chesapeake Bay aboard the beautiful Lady Patty, built in 1935.

Bon weekends y'all x

The breakdown
Dress: Thrifted and adjusted
Bag: Everlane
Shoes: a little shop in Argentina

Friday, 12 September 2014

Maternity style ::: 31 weeks

 ...sleepy sleep sleeps

I seem to have entered another super sleepy phase of the pregnancy. Partly because I wake up so many times in the night to pee, but mostly because I just don't seem to be sleeping. Rarrrr! Everyone keeps telling us to "bank those lie-ins" and "make the most of sleep while you can!". C'est la vie. The dog days of summer have finally passed and temps have dropped to a breezy 24C here in DC. Hallelujuh!

Have lovely weekends all. We're off to Christening in New Jersey this weekend with our adopted American family. More baby cuddles! Ciao x

The breakdown
Skirt: Old Navy
Top: Forever 21
Bag: Everlane
Shoes: John Lewis

Friday, 5 September 2014

Maternity style ::: 30 weeks

Ok, 29 weeks turned into a little rant. And whilst you do grow (and grow, and grow) when you're pregnant you're also embraced into this wonderful community of mothers. From random women on the street who want to share their personal stories, to reconnecting with old friends who are also on this crazy journey, to making entirely new friends all because of this little person inside you, I am loving this wonderfully supportive community and feel very privileged to be a part of it. Happy weekends all x

The breakdown
Vest: Gap maternity
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: John Lewis

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Maternity style ::: 29 weeks

 ..."You're sure you're not having twins?" / "Wow, you're big for 6/7 months"

I'm starting to feel like society has some seriously unrealistic expectations for what a full-term pregnant woman looks like. Maybe it's celebs? Happy to show of their "cute" little bumps but when the end is in site they go into hiding. And who can blame em? At a time when you're feeling just a tad insecure that you've ballooned to size of a small village it seems like everyone has the right to comment on your size. "Ooo, coming any day?"  I suddenly feel like applausing Demi Moore for boldly gracing the cover of Vanity Fair naked at seven months pregnant and proudly showing off her bump (although i'll be frank, i'm really not a massive fan of naked pregnant bellies, I much prefer them under some clothing. But you get my point). With just over two months to go I was starting to wonder that come 9 months I would resemble one of the contestants from The World's Strongest Man, hauling one of those Atlas balls around with me. But then I had my latest docs appointment where I was told i'm measuring right on track for 29 weeks. And with that I happily scoffed a whole giant bar of Cadburys milk chocolate with Dime and stuck two fingers up to the rest of the world.

Ah the ramblings of a hormonal, emotional pregnant lady. At least you don't have to live me :-)

Happy weekends y'all x

 The breakdown
Dress: thrifted and adjusted by me
Shoes: New Look
Bag: vintage